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Each week we have a unifying theme that each class will participate in. The weekly theme will fall under the category of either Art, Craft or STEM. Students will learn new skills, gain confidence and grow in their creativity. 


The classes will have social stories and visual aids available to help students who need them. We also welcome social workers, carers and parents in the classes to help students if needed. 

We have a space that is connected to the room that is fully fenced outside. So if any student feels overwhelmed or needs a break, they have a place to go. 

Classes: Text


Two Teacher for each Class

Sensory Friendly

Six Students 


Classes: Features
Kids in Art Class


This class is for our prep to Grade 6's. Introducing them to the concepts of STEM, art and craft. Allowing them to discover their creativity and passions.


This class is for our high schoolers. Delving further into the STEM, Art and Craft.  A place where they can explore their passions and ideas to a deeper level.

Family fun is what this is about. From mother and daughter, father and sons classes to STEM competitions between families. We also hope to hold a father daughter class as well as a mother son class.

Classes: Class Policies
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